Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is a primary mission at Valley Pallet. We are striving to set the standard in pallet recycling and feel that it is our responsibility to lead the way in a stronger responsibility within the industry.

Environmental Stewardship


Valley Pallet is setting the standard in the recycling of wood waste by exploring the evolving world of environmental responsibility. We are always looking for more efficient ways of repairing, recycling, and reusing wooden pallets.

Each nonstandard and un-repairable pallet that enters the facility is dismantled and all salvageable material is recycled, re-cut, and used for reconditioned pallets. Non-salvageable material is sent through a grinding machine and used for particle board, OSB, mulch, and co-generation fuel for the production of environmentally friendly fuel.


With unsalvageable material comes a great landscaping opportunity. This material can be ground up and made into beautiful landscaping mulch. Valley Pallet offers reliable and lasting mulch that can be customized with various colorant by Amerimulch. Our mulch is truly the definition of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Case Studies

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