The management team at Valley Pallet takes pride in each aspect of our company. The mission is to make sure that each sector of our business runs in an effective manner that will benefit our customers to the fullest.


Frank Shean, President and CEO

Phone: 831-970-5857 | Email:

Rick Trevino, Production Manager

Phone: 831-970-5859 | Email:

Joan Ivey, Controller

Phone: 831-422-3875 | Email:

Cindy Shean, Director of Safety

Phone: 831-422-3875 | Email:

Mary Moreno, Customer Service

Phone: 831-970-5860 | Email:

Victor Dominguez, Plant Manager, Phoenix, Yuma and Colton

Phone: 602-751-8249 | Email:

Jose Luis Barajas, Plant Manager, Sacramento

Phone: 831-235-9847 | Email: