Celebrating National Forest Products Week

This week, October 15th-21st, 2017 is a very special week for the Valley Pallet, Inc. family and more importantly, for our industry, as we celebrate National Forest Products week. This is a week in which we celebrate the sustainability of this sector and its contributions to the economy and our everyday lives. President Trump recognizes this week as National Forest Products week by saying, "During National Forest Products Week, we acknowledge and celebrate the many uses of our parks, forests, and woodlands, and we honor the dedicated Americans who work to ensure our forests remain productive and magnificent for future generations." And that's what we are doing as sector, we are ensuring that our forests are managed in a way that benefits generations to come. For more information on what the wood packaging industry does every day to create sustainable solutions, visit Natures Packaging

To see a statement from the White House, click here.

We celebrate this week and every week, the great contributions of the wood products sector and know that #WoodWins !

Wood Pallets: The Past, The Present, The Future?

Wood Pallets: The Past, The Present, The Future?

The internet of things is proving you can teach even the oldest of dogs the newest of tricks.

In this instance, the sustainable wooden pallet is that old dog and it could soon be playing ‘fetch’ with its own piece of wood as part of a digital makeover that may soon incorporate smart tracking, and even temperature and load monitoring, to optimise the location of products and the reduction of wastage.

Maximizing Your Unit Load With Today's Best Technology

The team at Valley Pallet, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in pallet and packaging design services. We understand that maximizing the unit load is a key to our customer's business and with a first class pallet design, we can create efficiency within the platform. We do this with the use of cutting edge technology in the NWPCA's Pallet Design System. This design system allows us to develop the proper platform for your unit load to ensure that you are getting the best performance through the supply chain at the most cost effective price. The NWPCA recently released the most updated version (5.3) of PDS, keeping up with continued and improved research. Let Valley Pallet, Inc. help design a platform to meet your needs today by dropping us a line.

Read NWPCA's news release about the latest version of PDS here.