Wood Pallets: The Past, The Present, The Future?

So, there is a pretty good certainty that when you hear "wood pallet" said, you don't associate the words FUTURE and TECHNOLOGY, but let's talk about this. The wood pallet has been around since 1939 according to filed patent, so we're talking nearly 80 years old (and most likely even older than the filed patent). Game changer, right? We sure think so! The wood pallet has evolved from a concept to a multi billion dollar, global industry and a primary platform of moving products through the supply chain. The National Wooden Pallet Container Association's slogan is "Pallets Move the World" because they really do play a vital role. Many people say that the wood pallet is dead, that it is obsolete and worn out. Phil Storer of The Grocer wrote an amazing article proving everyone wrong when they think that wood pallets are dead. Wood pallets are anything but, for so many reasons. We look at how recycling capabilities of the wood pallet, easily repaired and put back into service. Wood pallets are strong and durable and perform in different climates, withstand freezer temperatures, water and heat. We already have technology in the design of pallets with the Pallet Design System and now, Storer writes that with the development of tracking technology, we can apply that to the wood pallet to optimize the supply chain in reducing waste and increasing visibility. We look at all of the positives of the wood pallet and see a future of great opportunities within the supply chain, all while keeping our positive impact on the environment at the forefront. Read more of Phil Storer's interesting article here and contact us today for an assessment of your current pallet and supply chain programs.