Pallet Programs

Valley Pallet manufactures standard and block pallets and also has the capabilities to create customized pallets and shipping platforms. A unique aspect of Valley Pallet is our logistics program and our ability to fulfill our customers’ transportation needs. As Valley Pallet has grown in size, so have its products. Our company’s environmental stewardship has led to many products made from recycled pallet products, which provides a greater opportunity for our customers.



With the Total Pallet Management program (TPM) comes the opportunity for the customer to maximize supply chain efficiencies and realize cost savings. Total Pallet Management is a process in which Valley Pallet, Inc. manages all facets of reusable packaging including wood pallets, pooled pallets, plastic pallets and reusable containers, and recyclables. We also have the capacity to run freight services and tailor each TPM program to the specific needs of the customer.



Always looking to the newest technology, we are utilizing a cutting edge system to design new pallets specific to each customer’s needs. Our Pallet Design System (PDS) is used to assist in developing the shipping platform that best suits your material handling needs at the most cost-effective price. Let us illustrate the physical & performance characteristic of a proposed pallet configuration prior to entrusting it to support your valuable shipments.



Valley Pallet has created the most efficient methods to recondition pallets creating great benefits for our customers. The combo pallet has become one of the most cost effective and most popular choices for our customers in which part of the pallet consists of recycled material as well as new materials such as new stringers or deckboards.



Valley Pallet provides the ability for customers to maintain control of their pallets through our cost-effective repair programs. Each customer’s specific repair requests can be met according to their requirements and standards.



Because of the International Plant Protection Convention, pallets must now be made of materials that are not capable of spreading invasive insects of plant species. ISPM 15 standards state that all wooden shipping packaging must be treated by heating the pallet to achieve a minimum core temperature of 56°C for at least 30 minutes. Valley Pallet has the capability to take care of all international shipping needs.